For the past 5 years we have been flying dancers 7000 miles away to fulfil their dreams, living, training and dancing in the dance capital of the world Los Angeles. Since we started these trips we have flown over 150 dancers to LA to take classes at some of the worlds best dance studios whilst living in the heart of Hollywood.


If you are ready to change your life, we are ready to take you. 



HEART : LA  is a unique package holiday designed for dancers and is the only one of its kind in the UK. We have listened to hundreds of dancers over the years and have been able to tailor make a vacation that ticks all the right boxes.

The trips are designed to help dancers make the absolute most of their time in LA which is why the trip includes two unlimited dance passes at two top studios of your choice. This means you get to pick what styles and genres of dance you train in, what classes you go to and what level those classes are.

All of the complicated work is done for you (flights, accommodation, transfers, class passes etc) which means all you need to do is turn up and make the most of your time in the glorious Californian sunshine.

The trips are run for either two weeks in April or four weeks in August and both contain everything you need to make sure you have the greatest time possible staying in the incredible arts district of North Hollywood.

The trip is for you to get what you need, which is why there is no set schedule throughout the whole vacation. Giving you all the time in the world to do the things you want to do, see the things you want to see, eat the food you want to eat and train whenever you want to. 


Anyone with a passion for dance and who is excited to explore such an incredible city. The trip attracts like minded dancers from all over the UK in a variety of styles and it’s so nice to see so many new friendships being made every single year. There is no set dance ability required to attend the trip.  *Minimum age is 16


Los Angeles is the dance capital of the world with more dance studios and classes than anywhere else on the planet. Its also the entertainment capital of the world with most of the Top Movies, Music and TV Shows being filmed and produced from Hollywood.




Return Flights from London to Los Angeles

 Direct private airport transfer that takes you straight to your accommodation


Self catering accommodation in a house designed especially for dancers – with Free Wifi, Washer & Dryer, Bike Rental and Netflix!

Unlimited classes at Top Studios


Private Agency Seminar with one of LA’s Top Dance Agencies – This is not available to purchase and is an exclusive special addition for this trip ONLY!!


Immigration Visa information with a top immigration lawyer who specialises in dance and artist visa’s for working abroad – again this is an exclusive for this trip only and can not be purchased or organised independently.


A guided sunset hike through the Hollywood Hills to the best view in LA – where you can watch the sun go down on the whole city whilst watching the lights come up as the stars come out, with the Hollywood sign behind you, the skyscrapers of Downtown to your left and Beverly Hills and the Ocean to your right – This is by far one of the most popular parts of the trip.


An experienced guide with 10 years experience who is also a creditable figure within the industry, with a long list of contacts from choreographers, to directors, dance agencies and casting directors. Someone who knows the city inside and out who can assist you at any time during your vacation.


All of the administration work for flights, accommodation and transfers is completed and done for you – All you have to do is turn up


A comprehensive tailor made folder containing absolutely everything you need for your time in LA from Studio, class and agency information. Places to see, best restaurants and clubs and things to do. Not to mention helpful information such as Taxi numbers,directions on how to get around and discount codes to top attractions – This again is something designed especially for this trip.




Two Weeks    -   April 1st - 15th 2019      -      £1995 

 1 Month         -   August 1st - 29th 2019   -      £2950



Booking HEART : LA couldn't be simpler. All we need is a deposit of £350**  which will secure your place on the trip of your choice. The rest of the balance is not due until 14 weeks before you fly meaning you have even longer to save up. 

Once you have paid the deposit we will send you regular information on unmissable things to see and do whilst in Los Angeles and will be on hand everyday to answer any questions you may have.

**£350 is non-refundable. 



Book your place by emailing us at; info@heartworkstudios.co.uk 
















Meg Slater - Wales


LA - The city of angels, is as incredible as you can imagine. It pushes you as a person and a dancer - you get out of it what you put in, and you will learn more about yourself than you will be prepared for.


Matt (HEART WORK'S DIRECTOR) is incredible, he leaves nothing unknown. You want to know where the best burger is.. he will direct you to in n out, want to know what to do on a day where you're not dancing, he will give you advice on what there is to do in LA for your liking. He took us as a whole group up Griffith Park to watch the sunset over the city - and it truely was one of the most special places that has taken a piece of my heart.


The way he organises his trips are brilliant, he looks after everyone - yes, we are effectively out there on our own, but any problems and he is there to help anyone out as much as he possibly can. From visiting Santa Monica and Venice Beach, going on trips to Universal and Warner Bros set tour there really is something for everyone.


From this trip, i can hand on heart say i have made a friend for life in Matt. To really understand just what LA will do for you just have to take the plunge and go, and there is no one better to go with, from 10 years experience of going there, there wasn't any question Matt couldn't answer.


Dancing - there are so many classes for everyone, to do as many as possible or just a few, you will come out learning something new and exciting. Whether it be a new style or being able to take class with choreographers you have dreamt of for years, LA makes it possible.


I can 100% say i'll be going back in the future, and 100% it will be with HEART WORK.














Abbie Sawtell - Essex 


As cliché as it sounds, LA literally reignited my love and passion for dancing and reminded me why I trained so hard at college to have this as my career.


The classes were challenging but so rewarding, nothing like the classes I've ever taken in London where it matters more what you're wearing. Everyone is there for themselves to work hard and train.


I have travelled and seen a lot of the world and LA is one of the few places I felt at home in within the first week, there is always something to do and explore and with the help of Matts recommendations I got to see and do some incredible things.


I can't thank Matthew enough for organising this trip and I will 10000% be joining next years trip too.

**£350 Deposit is non-refundable